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FixAlgo is meant to help you be intentional with your social media usage and begin filtering out content that are time suckers instead helping the algorithm suggest more educational, motivation and inspiring content.

Setting Intentions

Select what kind of content you want to see more of. Your search will then show you more content related to that.

Reset your algorithm

Like a fresh start for your account. No need to manually unsubscribe and watch hours of videos to set your new algorithm.

Set topics you're interested in

Select topics you want your recommendation algorithm to recommend to you.

Time Tracker

Visualize how you spend your time categorized by the different content genre's so you know where to improve on.

Youtube Reels Algo

Reshape your Youtube Reel suggestions to show you content related to your new preferences.

TikTok Algo

Refocus your TikTok feed to begin serving you more educational, motivational and productive content.

Before FixAlgo

Youtube Recommendation list before

Before FixAlgo this Youtube feed recommended basketball videos, old highlights and video-games.

After FixAlgo

Youtube Recommendation list beforeAfter FixAlgo this Youtube feed recommend videos focused on better mentality, specific skill videos like programming languages and better morning routines.

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